Viking Seax Broke Back

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This hand-forged seax is of the design that was common among the Vikings (Norse Type II). The sax (English: seax) is a long knife characterized by a large, single-edged blade worn horizontally inside a scabbard attached to the belt, with the edge of the blade upwards. It was historically seen with Germanic peoples, and gave among other things the Saxons their name. This particular shape and design was common in Viking Age Scandinavia, where the curved side of the blade was the cutting edge.

This is known as the Broke back Seax, designed for Reenactment combat and Martial arts.

Rebutted, non sharp edges conform to our European safety standards with nicely round edges.


Steel: En45
Handle: Birch wood brass caps
Thickness: 2.5mm

Total length: 38cm roughly.