Who we are

So where to begin.

Having been a Viking Reenactor around the world, since 2006, I thought this about us section could use a more personal approach.

After years of seeing people get hurt due to insufficient protection, and my love for the viking community, I was hungry to see what Early medieval and viking stuff we could produce. Over a year later, here we are!

The journeys been fantastic so far, as we've developed over 50 beautiful viking products, some totally self made, some in partnership, and we hope you like them too.

Our helmets have been made with two major perspectives paramount to our values. Firstly safety: Safety is the most important and wearing strong, dent proof helmets which are designed to keep your cranium safe has been our goal from the start. 2.6mm mild steel is considered Bohurt Grade, and used in Battle of Nations, and Knight fighting, this is the "Combat standard" for strong mild steel helmets and we pride ourselves on that.

Authenticity: This is very important, we dont want to sell "Micky Mouse" fantasy rubbish, we only advise and support our patrons honestly, and like to produce reproductions that are lovingly created like archeological finds or depictions. We want to bring history alive, in a beautiful way, but most importantly an honest way.