Rawhide shield Strips

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Raw Hide Shield edging.

Rawhide strips, designed for the edge of Saxon, Viking Age and later Medieval shields.

Here I have for you rawhide which is already cut to width. The stripes are 100 cm long and have a thickness of about 2mm guesstimated. You can use them very well for the edge of your shields, for round shields and Kite shields especially.


Approx: 100cm long, width 4.5cm, thickness 3mm


Please note that this is a natural product. As a result, deviations in color and thickness are always possible.

To use, soak in cold water until it is wet and pliable.
Once soaked and ready to use mould the rawhide along your shield edge.

Once dried on your shield edge then make the holes you around the edge by using a Tiny drill, and then stitching them on to the shields.

For help purposes a picture has been added to show what a shield looks like with the edging on.

UK made.

Any Questions please ask and We will be happy to help.