Medieval Chainmail Hauberk

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The maille medieval Hauberk, can come in two types, short I.E Viking Age, or, with long sleeves and full shirt with cavalry split, as, seen in the 12th Century.

The rings themselves are 4 in 1 Rivited flat rings roughly 9mm in size.

Sizes come in Size M, Size L, XL and Custom.

This Chainmail Haubergeon is a shirt of mid thigh length approximately 32" from shoulder to bottom with 11" elbow length flared sleeves. Each of these incredible chainmail shirts is painstakingly and skilfully created by hand.

This is our standard size.
Construction: Round Riveted Flat Rings
Material: Mild Steel
Ring Type: Flat
Ring Size: 9mm - 16 gauge
Finish: Natural
Weight: 12 kg approx
Chest Size: 42" Large
9mm riveted flat rings makes this piece suitable for :-
Stage & Costume.
LARP SCA and more.