Lorrica Squamata

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Lorica Squamata Romana With Brass Scale

The iconic Lorica, in scale version is legendary and a fantastic reenactment product.

The Lorica Squamata handmade in two pieces with cast brass scales. Firstly the breastplate is trimmed in brown leather and includes two adjustable leather straps with brass buckles on each side. Covers below the hip. The torso/back armor is completed with an additional layer of shoulder protection, which is historically accurate. This fully removable shoulder fold (also consisting of brass scales sewn onto fabric and edged with stitched leather) fastens with a brass clasp at the front and four adjustable leather straps and brass buckles at the back.

Material: handles, buckles and fittings in brass, edging and straps in vegetable leather.

Piece size: 35x25 mm.

Scale thickness: 0.5 mm.

Length: 70 cm.

Chest: 125-135cm. (Adjustable with straps and buckles)

However if you'd like a custom size / customiseable option to fit your own dimensions, this is possible and we can arrange accordingly.

Any questions please get in touch!