Gnezdovo Helmet

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The new Gnezdovo Type 2 helmet faithfully reproduced

As Per Bohurt Standard in 2.5mm strong mild steel designed to absorb the impact.

Full Leather liner / harness on inside with authentic brass buckles.

Gnezdovo type 2: Available in Brass or Steel options as shown.

Customisations are available for brass edge rings, custom sizes, blackening or brass rivets and other small customisations available.

Maille: 17g mixed rings as per early medieval period, with high fidelity to original armours, and strong as hell for fighting.

Can be customised for full face maille, open face, or brass maille rings on the edge.

Grab yourself a beautiful piece of history, and be well armed for Eastern & Huscarl, With museum Quality helmets fit for the highest standards in protection.

This is made with Eastern & Huscarl full target fighting in mind which requires strong protection.

Size available upon order, please message us your details (head circumference in CM).
Price includes:
1. 2.5mm Strong steel, the best thickness for Viking Combat.
2. A full thick leather harness inside with chin strap.
3. The option to have No Maille, Half Maille (Sides and back, like in the pic)
Or full Maille covering face and all around.

Contact us for your helmet size / circumference, as we make these usually to fit your head specifically.