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This Viking Saber is a replica designed on the 1050 period design typical of finds from Ukraine, as used Magyars, Rus, Pechenegs and more.

DM swords are our new brand of Sword Simulstors, Reenactment swords designed for Reenactment Combat.

Maxim swords are msde from shock resistent tool steel, with rounded blunt edges as per European standards with the simulated edge being slightly thicker than 2mm.

Rockwell scale they are hardened to roughly about 52, and are designed to be a longer lasting "Grade A" sword for toughness and fidelity / longevity.

The whole sword should not weight more than 850g and are beautiful, and especially designed from 3 designers who combined have 30 years of Reenactment and Martial Arts Combat background.

The Steel has been tested in the most vicious of combats in locations like Wolin, and doing heavy styles of combat like Eastern and Huscarl and survived no problems.

Typology: Saber as found in Ukraine, dated around 1050
Steel: Shock resistant tool steel
Weight: approximately 800g

Length: 86cm

Blade: 73cm

Please note the steel type used in these is some of the rarest and most expensive in the world, due to extremely expensive components in the steel which make its resistance to shattering extremely high.

It utilises a mix of Chromium, Silicone, high carbon, and Tungsten to be a far higher grade of steel than standard spring steel blades on the market.

Please note: As per law, we will ask for identification or verification to prove legal age with all Reenactment props and swords.