Norman Spangen Helmet, Norman helmet, Medieval helmet

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The Viking Spangen Helmet.

This is Iconic particularly for those who want to portray Saxons and or Normans.

Taken from the Bayeux tapestry, this is interpreted from the art displayed to look like the Helmets found on the Bayeux.

Made from strong 2.5mm steel, with a full leather harness inside, chin strap, and maille optional.

Let us know if you want full faced maille, or on the sides like the pic.

Made to a range of sizes, let us know your size preferences by measuring the circumference of your head.

This helmets especially built in mind for Eastern and Huscarl, to be heavily protective against hard shots.

Price includes:
1. 2.5mm Strong steel, the best thickness for Viking Combat.
2. A full thick leather harness inside with chin strap.
3. The option to have No Maille, Half Maille (Sides and back, like in the pic)
Or full Maille covering face and all around.

Contact us for your helmet size / circumference, as we make these usually to fit your head specifically.

Any questions please get in touch!