Viking Combat Tunic | Medieval arming gambeson

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The Viking Combat tunic.

Expertly crafted with the padding and protection internally hidden.

External Fabric: 100% wool.

Internal Fabric: 100% Linen

Padding inside: Felt - 3-4 layers depending on area.

The tunic itself can be modelled either as a Kaftan, or a Tunic, if you have any specific design requirements please contact us.

Protection: The protection itself is specifically held in the important parts which protect the body, namely the shoulders, spine / back, and chest / ribs / stomach.

These protections are fantastic for Eastern and Huscarl, where you want to remain looking "Authentic" but with the protection and padding utterly hidden.

Colours available:
Blue, Red, Green, Grey, brown, yellow.

As you can see from the pics they've been battle tested at several events, as these pics are of customers who have purchased.

Any questions please ask!