Viking Shield Authentic Viking shield

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The Legendary viking shield, as found historically throughout Europe.

This shield is available in an estimated 75cm circumference but can be made bigger or smaller accordingly.

Multiple sizes and designs available!

Made of 8-9mm wood, slated lookung design and covered with fabric on the front, as done historically.

The leather edging is then stitched, and glued to ensure longevity of the product and done as per period finds.

Embrace your inner Viking or Shieldmaiden with this custom shield!

Our shields can be made to custom specifications, but we are happy to remake any of the styles you see posted in the listing photos (additional charges may apply)

The following can be done

-A blank shield that you can customize yourself!

-A custom shield with your custom design, real steel boss and leather wrapped and wood burned handle.

The shield boss is made accordingly out of mild steel, and applied as done so historically.