Viking Cooking Pot

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This is a replica of the viking / early medieval period, very popular and regularly used.

Replica of a hand-forged steel pot. The square bracket was torded on both sides and turned outwards in an S-shape at the ends. This can simply be hung on the two riveted handles of the pot.
The pot was blackened with blackened and oiled.

Weight approx. 1.7 kg
Filling volume approx. 2.5 litres
Material approx. 1.6 mm steel sheet
Height to pot edge approx. 12 cm
Diameter approx. 23 cm

We can also make them bigger, I.E to a 3-4 Litre size, please choose the option.

Legal Notice:

This product is a medieval prop,
which was made of rustable steel according to the historical model.
For this reason, this product is not food certified