Viking Drinking horn carved

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the legendary viking drinking horn.

Made to hold over 500ml of beer mead and Odin knows what else!

Beautifully and Artisinally crafted, and carved, with knot work and Thors Hammer design with Odin on the Hammer.

If you'd like a custom horn, or other designs please get in touch!

Basic Information
This drinking horn is a natural horn designed from ancient medieval and Viking style drinkware. The horn has been thoroughly cleaned, hand cut, heat treated, polished and sealed to maintain the beauty of the natural horn. It is guaranteed to be leak free. The capacity of each mug can vary due to the shape of the horn. Each item is uniquely designed and no horn is identical. As a result, colors, designs, and sizes may vary slightly from the description and pictures. All drinking steins, mugs and horns are 100% food and drink safe.

History of the Drinking Mug and Drinking Horn
Drinking horns have existed for more than 2,600 years and have a variety of purposes, styles, and sizes based on the country of origin. Drinking horns have been discovered in most ancient society including Greece, Scandinavia, Italy, Africa, and North and South America. Each civilization created different designs of the horns. These designs were based on the horned animals available in the region as well as cultural practices to clean and prepare the horn for use. Around the 15th century, many societies redesigned the drinking horn into the more functional drinking mugs. The drinking mug had a stable base so a holding stand was no longer required. This decreased spillage, increasing sanitation in eating rooms. Even with the advent of the drinking mug, the original drinking horn remained in use. Many military units opted to carry drinking horns instead of drinking mugs due to the simplicity of carrying the horn by the waist. In many European societies, the traditional drinking horn transitioned into ceremonial and ritual use. Horns were adorned with gold, silver, and gemstones for nobility Viking and old Norse culture is most commonly associated with the drinking horn. In these societies, the drinking horn maintained its prevalence far longer than other European countries.

No hot beverages should be used for drinking or cleaning. Hot liquids can compromise the protective coatings. Handwash only.