Viking Reenactment

Viking Reenactment

Ever thought about Viking Reenactment? The Ulflag are a multiple culture ensemble of the early medieval "Viking Age" period. has been a love and passion of mine since 2012, and we always love the new challenges, disciplines, and experiences which come with it.

Viking Reenactment seems to have grabbed the world by storm, and its well and truly entered the realms of popular culture.

We hope to see you soon!

Viking Reenactment -

Our warriors train regularly in the established JomsViking fighting system which can commonly be described as steel MMA (Steel Mixed Martial Arts) or Competitive Steel Reenactment which has been held in North London for well over a decade. Culturally, we can portray typical Scandinavian Vikings, Slavic Warriors, Rus Vikings, and our main influence which is the staple of our cultural identity, The Varangian Guard.