Viking Jewellery

Viking Jewellery

As avid fans of Viking Culture, we thought that it'd be awesome to see our huge range of Viking Jewellery and our frequently asked questions / common questions.

Viking Rings

1. Our Viking Jewellery is lovingly made from European 925 Silver and is made in Europe, we dont mess around with our quality, and its important to know, we dont sell cheap Chinese rubbish that is mass produced in zinc in cheap metals.

2. Our range is inspired and mostly reproductions of actual finds, examples from Danish Vikings to Thors Hammers, Slavic pendants and more, we care about an authentic legitimate piece of Viking Jewellery, not some cheap piece of fantasy.

3. Our Rings come in customisable design sizes, so they can be adjusted accordingly to fit multiple sizes (with a split at the back as seen in the pictures).