Viking Sword - Gotland Long Blade

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New Gotland Long Blades.

Blade length 60cm.

Total weight is 445g.

Spring Steel - 5160 heat tempered.

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The Original is from Gotland, and was seen as a long "seax" knife, single sided blade, almost to the length of a sword.

This is designed for reenactment combat, so round edges for combat simulations, and designed to european safety standards.

Steel type: 5160 spring steel, heat tempered.

Edge: 2.5mm


The swords are reenactment / replica's which are non serated, with round edges for martial arts and Theatrical / Viking shows, used in Reenactment, or for onstage theatre or filming etc.
They are non serated, blunt, with 3mm blunt edges, designed not to cut or hurt, and can be drawn across the skin without cutting or hurting / cutting the skin (For Historical European Martial Arts / Fencing etc purposes).
As you can see, the tips are rounded heavily, so as to be used safely for training / sparring purposes, and follow all EU safety standards for that.
These cannot be used for opening boxes or test cutting.