Kazar Helmet 10th century

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The famous find of the Kazar Helmet.

Bezhta helmet 800-900ad.

Made in a range of sizes, the helmet thickness goes up to 2.6mm and makes it ideal for Eastern and Huscarl combat.

Options come with full maille covering the face or as the picture shows.

The leather harness on the inside with chin strap.


Steel type: Mild steel Mix, 2.00mm - 2.6mm

Region of origin: Kazaria Bezhta

Leather harness inside for better fitting, protection, and strap for under the chin.

Our sizes range from 64cm to 68cm - but if you want a custom size we can arrange your measurements upon order

Price includes:
1. 2.00mm Strong steel, the best thickness for Viking Combat.
2. A full thick leather harness inside with chin strap.
3. The option to have No Maille, Half Maille (Sides and back, like in the pic)
Or full Maille covering face and all around.

Contact us for your helmet size / circumference, as we make these usually to fit your head specifically.