Who we are.

Who we are.

So I thought this blog post would be great to give a quick run down of MaximArmouries.

Before this armoury existed, I had been a Viking Reenactor for about 2006, seen swords break, items rust, and the best, and worst world wide the Medieval Community had to offer.

After countless injuries and concussions, I thought it best to put my knowledge, engineering understanding and years of running Reenactment groups to the test to develop my own equipment.

In 2013, we officially formed ULFLAG.com now an international viking brotherhood, and our understanding (my understanding) comes from years of going to Wolin, Neustadt Glewe, UK shows and some of the roughest battles world wide.

Viking & Early Medieval Reenactment is a living breathing ecosystem which hosts thousands of warriors, and ive been blessed to be a part of that for years.

So put your trust in this gear, and I welcome you to shop and be our patrons.

Some recommendations:

You cant go wrong with a Paul Binns Sword, beautiful work!

2.5-2.6mm is the best thickness for Eastern / Huscarl helmets (Bohurt Grade thickness) in mild steel ive found so far.

If you'd like to get involved in what we do, check out ULFLAG.com