Gotland Long Blade

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Here we have the famous gotland lang blade re-styled as a Reenactment / HEMA combat piece.

Long Knives of Gotland ready to rock!

These blades are a fantastic side arm and are articulated to be like the Gotland long knifes but light for combat.

Made from Spring steel and heat tempered to over 50 HRC, these babies are a fine addition to anyones combat equipment.

Wood: 0.60kg, blade length: 49 cm, grip length: 14 cm, total length: 63 cm, thickness: 5 mm spine/ 2 mm edge/ 1.8 cm tip.

Bone: 0.55kg, blade length: 48.5 cm, grip length: 14 cm, total length: 62.5 cm, thickness: 5 mm spine, 2 mm edge, 1.8 cm tip, circumference: 8.5 cm.